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Be Commited to Becoming A Quality & Benefit Centric, Nation-Class Integrated Service Industry In Such Elds As One Stop Service, ICT, Financing, Vocational Training and Recruitment. .

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Corporated Mission

Develop One Stop Service Market, create integrated platform and serve people.

Corporate Vision

Establish a nation-class company, create a domestic famous brand.

Core Values and Spirit

Responsibility, Innovation, Integrity and win-win. Strive unceasing and scale.

Future in Prospect

To become a coordinative, reliable, devoted in the One Stop Service Market.

Establish A Nation-Class Company Create & A Domestic Famous Brand

Develop One Stop Service Market, Create integrated platform. To Become an coordinative, Reliable, devoted in the One Stop Service Market and Vocational Training.

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About Dazzling Ray Company Limited

Dazzling Ray Co.,Ltd has been established as a Service Sector prioritized company under the Myanmar Companies Law 2017. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of Visa Services, Counselor Services, Travel and Tour Services, Hotels, Trading and Employment and Recruitment Services.
Based on decision of the company to diversify our properties, we have now developed new channel In vocational training with our stregic partner.

  • Mobile Remittance

    A remittance is a non-commercial transfer of money by a foreign worker, or a citizen with familial ties abroad, for household income in their home country or homeland

  • Cashless Payment

    The processing of payment transactions without cash is referred to as a cashless payment.

  • Digital Money

    Digital currencies exhibit properties similar to traditional currencies, but generally do not have a classical physical form of fiat currency historically that can be held in the hand,

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